7 things that men really love in women

Men don’t usually keep secret what they love about women.

Sexy underwear, bra size, and their cooking ability are the most common ones.

But the things they absolutely adore are often hidden.

Luckily, social media today can help us discover those things, and we bring you some of the most interesting ones.

Lady in public, freak in bed.
The opposite would be quite unacceptable. Also, being a freak in public and in bed is not really attractive to men.

What they really love seeing is a kind, polite, and a soft-spoken lady in public, but one who loosens up and is a bit wild at home.

A soft and tender voice.
Waking up still sleepy and hearing his woman’s soft voice is better than breakfast in bed.

Together with a dreamy “good night”, this creates a special feeling of intimacy and happiness in a man.

Women in high heels.
That is if they, of course, know how to walk in them.

No one likes to see Lady Gaga-like high heels in which you can’t make two steps properly.

If the shoes are wearing you instead of you wearing them, then just keep them at home.

Most of the men will agree that seeing a confident woman in high heels is one of the most attractive things about them.

Woman’s legs in high heels

She pays for her own drinks.
Even though men feel more masculine, dominant, and like feeling that they can take care of their girl when paying the bill, most of them will admire the woman who takes out her wallet when the check arrives.

Strong and independent.
No one likes cry-babies who can’t live a minute without their boyfriends. That’s a definite turn-off for most men.

A pretty, confident woman with a smile can leave nothing but a good impression on a man.

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Men love natural and casual things about women. Believe it or not, they don’t even notice if you didn’t put on mascara, eyeliner, or blush.

What they will notice is too much makeup, and that is usually not a good thing. They will feel like you’re hiding behind a facade.

If you are too afraid that your boyfriend will leave you after he sees you without makeup, do yourself a favor—break up with him.

She is interested in the things he likes.
Whether it is a hobby, video-game, or sport, a man will always love their woman being interested in that, too.

You don’t have to be into soccer, or play League of Legends with him, but show that you acknowledge his interest and he will see you in a completely different light.

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