If You Give A Girl A Brother

If you give a girl a brother, she will have a friend for life.
She will have someone to create memories with and treasure them throughout her whole life. She will share her hopes and dreams with him and trust him with her secrets.
They will bicker. They will fight and a few hours later act like nothing ever happened, and everything is alright. There is nothing stronger than the bond between siblings. That’s why they have a forgiving heart.

If you give a girl a brother, she will always have someone to make her smile.
Every holiday, family gathering, vacation, and road trip with her brother will make a good time even better.
With a witty brother by her side, she’ll always have someone to cheer her up. Her happiness means the world to him. That’s why he’ll keep her safe and do his best to make her smile.

If you give a girl a brother, he will always have her back.
He will do his best to keep her from harm. He won’t allow anyone to mess with her feelings, and she will always know that her brother is someone she can rely on.
When guys come knocking on their door asking her out, he will look with disapproval because there’s no one worthy of his sister’s sweet and loving heart.

If you give a girl a brother, you are giving her a safe haven.
You are giving her someone to run to when the world is cruel and unfair. When her entire world comes crashing down, he will help her pick up the pieces.
He will be a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and a rock she can depend on.

If you give a girl a brother, she will be loved unconditionally.
He will love without holding back. Even if he doesn’t say it in so many words, she will always know that she is one of the most important women in his life.
He will love her just the way she is. Even if he teases her and makes fun of her from time to time, she will know that’s just the way brothers express their love.

If you give a girl a brother, you are setting her up for an amazing life.
She will always have someone to keep her on her toes. He will have his unique ways of making her reach her full potential, no matter how unusual they might seem.
He will make fun of her and tease her until she works harder, reaches for more and proves him wrong. His reverse psychology never fails, and he will be beyond happy to see his sister thrive.

If you give a girl a brother, you will make her the luckiest girl alive.

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