One Day You Will Be Sorry For Letting Her Go

One day, when you look back, you will be sorry for letting the right girl go. She was all that you have ever been dreaming of but just because of your pride, you decided to ruin the fairy tale that the two of you had. You were all that she was afraid of.

You were toxic, you were rough, and you were a man who takes care of himself only.

You couldn’t stand that the girl you loved the most was happier than you. You couldn’t stand that she is getting all that she wanted. Well, you know what? That same girl that you were so jealous off worked her ass off to get where she was. She sacrificed so many things to be successful in her life.

All the way from her business life to the relationships with her friends and family—things she had been working on for such a long time. So it would be fair to give her credit for that. At least you can do that, right? Oh, I forgot—you don’t do that.

You never patted her on her back, giving her support for the amazing things that she did, so why would you do it this time?

I should have remembered that a leopard can’t change its spots.

She was the one who always understood your bullshit, the one smiling at your bad jokes and the one who was always there. You see, she was a keeper, but too bad you realized that too late.

She was never your priority but just an option. You were so damn jealous of the life she was living and deep down you wanted to be just like her. You couldn’t stand that a woman you were dating was stronger than you.

Like a real alpha male, you wanted to be in the spotlight, but this time, the main protagonist in this story was her.

One Day You Will Be Sorry For Letting Her Go

A woman who was proud and strong but at the same time emotional and caring. She was the woman who was always ready to go an extra mile for you, but she never got an opportunity to feel worthy. All those mind games that you played with her made her hit rock bottom. And deep down she felt it was all over.

She just waited for you to end everything. She didn’t want to lose her energy fighting with you. She just wanted everything to stop. When you saw that she changed, you had a good excuse to leave her. By leaving her, you left the girl who was ready to love you like she has never loved before.

Now, she will be happy in another man’s arms, the one who sees how perfect she is.

He will see things in her that you could never see because you were obsessed with your jealousy for her. You craved so much to be in her skin, yet, thinking about all the things you didn’t do to make that happen, it was impossible.

And even though she knew how bad things were between the two of you, she wanted to give you another shot. Maybe it was better that you left her because now she can start a new chapter of her life. After so many toxicities in her life with you, she can finally be happy with a man who is worth the wait. Because she surely is.

And you?

I hope that one day, you will realize what you did. And when you do, I hope you will cry your heart out. For missing a chance to be happy with a woman to love. For missing all the happy moments that she could have provided you. And when you feel that your heart is breaking because she is not there, don’t you dare go out and try to find her.

This time, show her how much you really love her and let her go. Let her find her happiness, but this time, far away from you!

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